Brooke Curtin

With an overwhelming amount of experience, Brooke has trained in Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Latin and Ballroom, Hip Hop and Calisthenics. (More…)

Karen Costanzo

Karen did calisthenics for 20 years, she has coached tinies and subjuniors in the past before going onto cheerleading for the Crows and 36ers.  Karen represented the state in many SA state teams. Karen taught at a dance school for 5 years prior to owning it for a further five years. (More…)

Amy-Louise Vettese

Amy began calisthenics at the age of 18 months and has had many years’ experience as a competitor at an elite level. She has represented SA in numerous national teams and has been very successful in her personal solo, duo and graceful girl competitions as a competitor. (More…)

Lisa Vettese

Lisa has had a wealth of knowledge and many years as not only a competitor and coach but also as an adjudicator. Her calisthenics career began at the age of two and she co-coached our senior team winning division one, as well as helping in Tinies and Juniors. (More…)

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